Friday, April 27, 2012

organic way of life

Exactly one month ago, I decided to make a lifestyle change (in terms of food intake). Nothing drastic though, just a few tweaks here and there. I tried the Cohen Diet for a week just to see how it will affect me. I successfully shoved a couple of pounds during the first week so I decided to continue it but giving the diet my personal take. I'm not really a fan of restrictions because I believe that our body should enjoy as much as it can, of course in moderation and discipline. Anyways, I have been doing a "semi" Cohen Diet for the past month and it's been doing me good. I call it semi because the Cohen Diet is a strict food plan specifically personalized based on the person's lifestyle. Often times, it's exercise restricted. But I can't stand just sitting around and letting the universe thin me down. I want to earn what I worked hard for. My diet mostly consists of protein, fruits, a whole lot of vegetables and little to zero carbohydrates. I workout thrice a week + five day food plan of my diet and I give myself two days off for a "diet break" just to avoid self-depriviation. I document my food intake in my little food journal to keep on track and for reflecting reasons in the future. Also, this lifestyle change gives me an inner glow, a good mood, and lifts my spirit! It's not just a physical change, but a spiritual change as well. Cheers to healthy and organic living!