Saturday, March 31, 2012

birthday pong

Happy birthday Ishii and Dave!
beer pong virgin

Photos by Marita Galvez and Ishii Villaseca


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Art and Activism

Brandon Boyd for LA Canvas. This is one of my favorite recent magazine publicities of Brandon. Simple yet enticing. Plus, I've always wanted to see what's inside his sketchbook...those ink blot and pen artworks look very intriguing. I will probably never stop being intrigued by this man. You did it again, Mr. Boyd.
Read on the full article here.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Cobra Used the Starship Dashboard

(blog title makes a lot of sense, I know)

Jeph Howard, The Used 

Dan Whitesides, The Used

Quinn Allman, The Used 

 Chris Carrabba, Dashboard Confessional

Gabe Saporta, Cobra Starship / Midtown (during the good 'ol days)

Things I realized/learned:
Quinn is such a sweetheart.
Chris Carrabba looked like a cute little 15-year old boy with tattoos.
Jeph is an Instagram addict.
They're all Instagram addicts.
Quinn uses his tongue to clean coffee stains off his iPhone.
Bert McCracken scares the shit out of me (Hence the absence of our photo op)
Quinn is married...sigh.
Gabe Saporta has gorgeous eyes. We had a 3-second gaze at each other that felt like forever...

5 international rockstars, 2 days.
I'll move on from this phase, I promise...

Photos from Andre Melanio and Anna Esguerra


Friday, March 2, 2012

The Pains of Being Pure at ♥ ♥ ♥

When I heard The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were heading to Manila, I knew I couldn't miss it! I went with my friend Nicole who I haven't seen for ages! We saw Peggy, Kip and Alex outside! Who knew we would meet them right away and the show hasn't even started. Good thing we were a bit early!

Spotted Kurt (drummer) a few minutes upon entering the venue!

Bee Eyes were the first opening act. I've seen them play before but only last night that I realized how good they sound.

The Camerawalls (fronted by Clem Castro of Clementine/former guitarist of Orange and Lemons) went on stage next. I don't know any of their songs except for "A Beginning Of Something Wonderful" which was an Orange and Lemons cover. Looks like I'm downloading a few EPs tonight...
Attending gigs always lead me to a discovery of great songs. Double whammy.

Finally, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart went on stage with "This Love Is Fucking Right" for song number one.

So the rumors that Connor Hanwick of The Drums will be playing with them was confirmed when a fifth member hit the stage. He plays drums for The Drums. The Drums plays him for drums. Plays drums him for The Drums. Okay, I'll stop...
He was smooth on guitar as he is on the drums! Despite the technical difficulty...

I got a few favorite tracks on video. Forgot "Say No To Love" though. I was too busy being in awe...

"Heart In Your Heartbreak"

"Falling Over"

"Young Adult Friction"

Peggy Wang is a hipster Cousin It on keyboards! I love it.

Pop dance party!!!

Kip did a mini solo segment of "Contender" in between the encore...
Funny how I created this "prediction setlist" playlist on my iPod (of course based from recent previous shows) and it's the exact set! Hah

After the show, I looked for Connor. Even though it was a Pains of Being Pure at Heart show, I wanted to seize the opportunity and meet at least 1/4 of The Drums.

Me: "Hi!!!"
Conner: (Looking unsure why this girl is waving at me) "Hiiiii..."
Me: "Can we have a picture with you?"
Conner: (Still looking unsure) "Oh, sure…"
Conner: "Let's hide here so no one will see."

He's not a big fan of mingling with people obviously but he was kind enough to chill and talk to us backstage.

We stayed and chatted with him while Kip was being raped by fans outside.
I asked him when are The Drums planning to visit Manila and he said he doesn't know but they've been to Jakarta so maybe they'll stop by Manila too someday. He was so beautiful I ran out of things to say good thing my friend Nicole kept the conversation going.

Check out Connor (on drums) in one of my favorite The Drums songs!

Watching that, now that I've met him makes me giddy all over! (plus goosebumps)

(Top and leather shorts from Forever 21, Vintage denim vest, Bag from Bangkok, Loafers from H&M)

Over all, it was a pretty awesome show. Another check off my "Bands I need to see" list!

Thank you Kind Assault and Joff Cruz!