Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Soundtrack of 2013


"Bombay" by El Guincho
At one point, I went completely bizzerk on this video...watching it over and over and over and over.
I still continue to be intrigued about this.



"Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It" by Stars
My favorite from their latest album 'The North'. Anticipating their concert, this was the perfect song
to keep the hype up. It sounds incredibly surreal live!



"Phone Sex" by Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes
Forgive me, one of my favorite Grimes hits is a b-side with Blood Diamonds. Although the message
of this song gives me weird disturbing thoughts. No, Claire. Noooo!

"Truth" by Bloc Party
The first single off their new record 'Four'. Also one of my favorites side by side with "So He Begins
To Lie" and "Day Four". They're back! The Party is back! The world is a better place. Also, got to
watch them live and meet 3/4 of the band (more of that on my 'Highlights of 2013' post!)



"Streets" by Abby
I remember being on an SXSW high on Youtube and found this gem.


"Sense Of Self" by City Calm Down
Can I just say, the indie music scene in Australia is amazing! One of them is City Calm Down. Think
Simple Minds 2013 lovechild. Hello.

"Lady Black" by Sons of the Sea
Sons of the Sea is Brandon Boyd and Brendan O' Brien. And you know, anything Brandon Boyd is
tasteful and magical. This man can do no wrong.



"Ffunny Ffrends" by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
This is my anthem.
If this ain't your anthem, you can't sit with us.

"Golden Light" by Starfucker
I am madly obsessed with Starfucker. There, I said it. Happy?
The best single off 'Miracle Mile' in my opinion. I could just go on and on about this band but before
this turns into a Starfucker appreciation post, let's just say their music is a big part of my inspiration

Come, let's start a band!
June is basically UMO x Starfucker all day everyday!


"Champagne Coast" by Blood Orange
"Come into my bedroom come into my bedroom come into my bedroom come into my bedroom..."
Oh Dev...
Dev Hynes/Lightspeed Champion is so good at what he does sometimes it makes me cry. Everything
he touches turns into gold! Wish to work with him someday (dream big)



"It All Feels Right" by Washed Out
...and the whole 'Paracosm' album. 'Nuff said.


"Send The Pain On" by Chrome Sparks
I saw these guys were touring with Starfucker so I instantly checked them out and voila!
(que hallelujah chorus)

"Dancing On My Own" (Robyn cover) by Real Magic
I'm sorry Robyn but Real Magic's cover is better.


"Don't Move" by Phantogram
Someday I wish to sing this to someone. (see bridge)


"Sunday Night" by Last Dinosaurs
"...we were in the right place at the wrong time it's only you could read my mind..."

"Losing You" by Solange
Remember back then when Solange tried her luck in music and it was a big flop? Yes, we all do. Now
she's back and made us eat our words. Mad respect to Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) for producing her
stuff. See, I told you!

"It's A War" by Blackbird Blackbird
Blackbird Blackbird is Mikey Maramag. He is full bred Filipino making it big in San Fo and all over
the world. His latest album 'Boracay Planet' is the bomb! Check it out if you're craving for some
dreamy pop goodness.



"Everything Is Embarrassing" by Sky Ferreira
Angst in all the right places.
Also, another hit produced by Dev Hynes (Blood Orange). 

"I'm God" by Clams Casino
He released three volumes of mixtapes available for download and it was one of the best things on the
internet so far.

(...also, the title is pretty accurate because Clams Casino IS a God.)

"Carry Me" by Bombay Bicycle Club
I dreamt about Jack Steadman just recently. We hooked up and made lots of babies.
Kidding. I dreamt he was gay.
This song though!

What was your 2013 soundtrack?