Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday Scene

Yet another spontaneous Friday night! I met up with my girls Ishii and Erika...we went to Resorts World to meet up with Erika's lover Dave and his friend to eat dinner. 

After dinner, guess what? Casino!!! It was my first time and I felt like a dumb rookie. Ish was pretty knowledgeable on how things work in there. Me and Erika were just playing cool. Hah
After watching Ish play bet. I finally got one game and decided to try my luck! Too bad pictures weren't allowed inside.

We met up with our friend Roko in the casino and decided to hit up Opus bar! Surprised it wasn't that packed knowing that The Zombettes were spinning.

We left Opus after a few minutes. Dave and the guys wanted to continue and party it up at Republiq...but I passed, clubs aren't really my thing. I dropped by my bestfriend Bea's 19th at Izakaya! I brought Rokoko with me.

When we got there, we were too late...everyone was high and tipsy. And birthday girl was birthday drunk! But I'm glad I got to hang out for a bit with my friends Dana and Mike!
Happy Birthday Betch! Hah

 Vintage khaki cardigan
Forever 21 white shirt
Paddock's black skinnies
Leather boots from Hong Kong
Cross necklace from Anagon Collection
Illuminati necklace from Vigan, Ilocos


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rebel Girls

I went to Greenhills to source and sort for an upcoming shoot! But I can't post anything about that just yet...soon! After work, me and my girl Tin went went on a mini date at the mall...also to get our Happy Lemon fix!

...and look! Tigger was there! Not irrelevant at all.

We pretty much strolled around and displayed ourselves. Hah just kidding...

You'll be seeing more of Tin in this blog since we're working together now...
Check out her blog here.

H&M sage polo
Vintage leather bag
Vintage suede square necklace (my own version of Heyoka!)
Tribal skull necklace from Vigan
Forever 21 ethnic belt
DIY denim shorts


Sunday, September 11, 2011

City Blur

Roamed around Fort with my friends Bea and Patrick...

After, me and Pat went food splurging at Mercato! It was packed as usual (we couldn't manage to even take a single picture inside)! We got our favorite Taclings! Which are bite-sized tacos. I swear, there were so much food I didn't know where to start...that has aways been my problem every time I visit this place. 

There was this stall which sold organic goods and it was arranged in potato sacks! They sold nuts, rice, herbs, wine, cheese, etc! I loved it. I would've bought but I didn't want to spend for just the sole reason of midnight food pleasuring. Hah

Vintage polka dotted dress, knit cardigan, and bag
Boots and frames from Hong Kong
DIY golden triangle necklace

Photos by Patrick Segovia


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flashback Project #15: Light Works

September 7, 2010

This was during Patrick's exhibit for Niccolo Cosme's workshop at
The Lighthouse Studio. Good times...