Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soundtrack of 2011

So, I guess this may be a bit overdue but I've been kinda slacking off in the blogging department. I originally planned to post about this last month but I just didn't have the time. Anyways here are a few tracks that summed up my 2011. Check it out! (Warning: These are addictive.)

I got really into Two Door Cinema Club. I would play them all day for a month or two...I'm not really sure how I got hooked to them but I'm guessing it's because of the Tap Tap game for iPhone? Their song "What You Know" was one of the default songs on the app.

"This Is The Life" was one of my favorites, followed by "Cigarettes in the Theatre" and "Come Back Home".

Since the Deftones concert was nearing, I had to listen to a few tracks off their new album "Diamond Eyes" and yes it got glued to my ears! Everything on the album was an instant fave but according to my iTunes, "976 Evil" was the most played. I also liked the other tracks like "Sextape" (who wouldn't?), "Risk", "Beauty School" and a couple of old tracks like "Change" and "Digital Bath" but I won't include those singles for my 2011 soundtrack since I've been listening to those a few years back. I just had to rekindle some old feelings...

One song. "Forever And Ever Amen" by The Drums. 'Nuff said.

I pretty much loved everything on Incubus' new album "If Not Now, When?" and it is still on loop as of today. I still haven't digested "Tomorrow's Food" and "Defiance" though...
"The Original" was the first song I fell in love with and I don't think I will ever fall OUT of love for it. Of course "Adolescents" was released tad early than the album itself and it was magic in my ears when I first heard it. "Switchblade" and "Thieves" were favorites too! And the list continues... (oh, and if you're a real Incubus fan, you'd notice something wrong here. Please forgive me.)

Okay, May was a mix between a lot of songs. The Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition", Katchafire's "Seek Ye", White Lies' "Unfinished Business" and Wilabaliw's "Illuminate 1" for local music cravings. What a strange mix of songs huh? But I remember playing "Unfinished Business" over and over again, it even gave me a push to go to the gym just so I could listen to it while running around the track. God I miss this song...

It was pre-Incubus month. The anticipation for their concert next month has begun...
Malay did a pretty cool rendition of Incubus' "Promises, Promises"! I actually even thought it was better than the original. Views changed through time of course but a statement like that coming from me is a huge thing! Hah! And I love how Pochoy Labog does an Incubus cover WITHOUT doing a Brandon Boyd rip-off. They had their own style and it was awesome.

Ay...July is fangirl month. Incubus is set to perform on the 28th and of course I had to listen to a few of their new tracks! The B-Sides just got released and yes you guessed it, hooked! "Rebel Girls" was my favorite. I liked it so much I had to analyze the message and came up with a surprising conclusion! The play of words suddenly made sense. Hah! Oh Mr. Lyricist, why must you be so experimental and clever? I love it.
"Hold Me Down" and "Surface To Air" were two of the other B-Sides.

I had to distract myself from the post concert depression and RHCP's new song "The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie" came in perfect timing! And the music video shot in Venice, California gave more impact to this song. Although no more John Frusciante in this album, another John, Klinghoffer is as awesome.

September is definitely Young The Giant month! I discovered them when I saw they were touring with Incubus. "Guns Out" was the first song I got obsessed with. Literally, the first click on the play button was magic. I also liked "My Body" and "Islands" (which I'm planning to include in my first fashion show playlist in the near, I just spoiled that.)

October is Oh Land month! Don't even get me started. This is real talent....she's pop but not garbage! I fell in love with her when I first saw the video for "White Nights". I literally play raped it for the next couple of the days. Nanna continues to be an inspiration to me now. She's making me want to start a trio! Loved all her songs in the latest album actually. "Wolf & I", "Break The Chain" and "Rainbow" to name a few...

I found myself listening to two songs on repeat for a month. It was Lana Del Ray's "Video Games" and Brigitte's "La Vengeance D'une Louve". These are amazing songs from two different artists! Brigitte is a folk musical duo from France. Seriously, I get so much inspiration from their music, it's crazy! I am willing to fly to France just to attend one of their shows.

Another tie-up between two songs! Jeffertitti's Nile "Sleep Tonight" and Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know". I actually knew these songs a month earlier but really paid attention to it's beauty a month after. "Sleep Tonight" is a good meditation and zen time song, I recommend. I've been seeing Gotye's songs everywhere now and I'm glad musicians like him are getting attention. It's about time people stopped listening to crap.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silverlake Music Festival

The Silverlake Music Festival in Pattaya, Thailand was a blast! It was my first ever festival outside Manila! I must say, props to the organizers of Silverlake. The festival was very well-organized! Manila should have something like this too!

Anyways, we didn't catch the "Coachella vibe" of the festival since we got there around 8:30 pm already because we were only up for Incubus and their set was scheduled at 11pm. But I'm kinda regretting that a bit...oh well!

 When we got there, we were running late because our driver got lost on the way! I got a call from Justin (Wysong) telling us to hurry 'coz the Meet and Greet was about to start. There was some kind of jeep that you need to ride from the parking lot to reach the festival itself...

We arrived at the holding area right on time for the Meet and Greet and we met Justin for the first time!

The Meet and Greet was in a more relaxed environment compared to Manila. No annoying security telling us to refrain taking videos and speed up...which is awesome!

I had my iPod signed and a poster memorabilia requested by a friend. Repeating circa 2011, still no decent conversation with Jose and Ben. But it's okay, maybe Meet and Greets aren't their thing. Ben was in a really bad mood. He wouldn't smile during the whole thing. I tried to prolong our conversation but all I got was one word answers. There was something bothering him obviously...
Kil was happy as usual, he always has a radiant smile on his face asking you how you are. We bumped into him a couple of times at our hotel.
I gave Brandon a mini djembe tribal necklace I got in Ilocos last year. He said it was cool and started tapping on it. I also asked where he got his "After Life" shirt.

More of that in this video...

Aaah takes me back to the day I first met them...which will always be the best one.
I didn't have much of a conversation with Mike but I did say "I love you" to him and squeezed him real tight when they were about to go and hit the stage. Hihi
Last time I said "I love you" to a guy was five years ago and I can't believe I said it again after a long Michael Einziger of Incubus. Hah I love him!

I actually kinda held Brandon's hand when he placed his arm around me (I just had to). It was soft...

Of course we have to get a picture with Justin and Matthew (Incubus road manager)! Two people who accommodated us and made this all happen. And Steve Rennie of course! We love you Steve!

(H&M striped shirt | Forever 21 leather shorts | Vintage booties | Bag from Bangkok)

We also met Poupee of MET107 FM. She had a really funny story about her radio interview with Ben Kenney! Haha

Seether already started playing when we got to the Earth stage. I must say, I don't know any of their songs but they sound really good! And their cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" was fantastic!

Finally, after a few minutes of waiting, Incubus entered the stage hitting opening song "Megalomaniac"! It was July 28, 2011 all over again! I can't believe I was at the same position just six months ago!

Their setlist was great! And I'm so happy I finally heard "Privilege" live! I went wild when I heard the first note on Mike's intro.

I decided to not focus on taking great pictures and videos. In result I got shaky videos and crappy photos but no regrets! Enjoying and feeling the whole experience was more important.

I remember crying to "Wish You Were Here" which is weird because I've heard it live twice without feeling emotional. But this time, I came to a realization while they were playing it, that THIS is one of the few reasons I'm happy (which is relevant to the song's message). And I didn't just tear up, I was kinda bawling my eyes off.

I'm really glad they played some rare tracks like "Have You Ever" and "Magic Medicine"! I swear, on some songs, it was dead silence! I felt like Me, Lei, Chydie, and this stoned Australian chick beside me were the only ones singing along...

I smelled something strange and realized there were people smoking pot beside us. So, it's not our fault we were high! Queue "Smoking The Herb Again"!

They ended their set with "A Certain Shade of Green" which they had a little difficulty during the intro and they had to repeat it again. It was funny...

During the presscon, Brandon said, when performing on stage, they take us to a journey of twenty years in a span of an hour which I couldn't agree more! The journey from S.C.I.E.N.C.E to If Not Now When was a wonderful journey and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I will never get tired of watching Incubus...I can actually see myself watching them at a "comeback tour" in the future and they'll all be rocking out in their 50's. Hah

Thank you Silverlake Music Festival for the great show! Leaving reality behind and flying all the way to Thailand was worth it!

Click HERE for my Incubus live at Silverlake Music Festival concert videos!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wandering in Thailand

(Vintage denim jacket | Inner shirt and belt from H&M | Sheepskin suede bag from Hong Kong | 
Wide brim fedora from Jardine's Crescent, Hong Kong)

Three weeks ago, a couple of friends and I flew to Thailand for a fun music getaway!
We had a funny first night in Bangkok. We were all excited when we got out of the plane and had our first step at the Suvharnabhumi Airport and we kept saying we can't believe we're finally here after months of planning! But when we got to our hotel, jaws dropped. We know we booked the cheapest budget hotel online but I personally didn't expect it was like that. It wasn't the worst of the worst, I just had my hopes up a bit. But our rooms were pretty decent...

Next day, we did a few tourist errands (money changing and arranging transportation for our trip to Pattaya the next day). This tuk-tuk driver named Ping Pong offered to "help" us. Little did we know, he wanted something in exchange. So, he kept suggesting some travel agencies where we can book our transportation. He was too nice and perky (which in that case is something strange for me. I sensed something wrong.) In the midst of going there, he suggested we check out this jewelry shop. He said we didn't need to buy, we can just look and he gets a free gas coupon in exchange. "You help me, I help you" was his favorite line. Imagine going to a jewelry shop and the salesman tells you shitload of stories about the origins of the ruby, the pearl, etcetera. It was interesting but buying jewelry costing not even half of all our pocket money combined was impossible. He kind of got a clue that we weren't going to buy anything and his mood suddenly changed. I thought he was going to get his shotgun under the counter and that would be the end of our Thailand trip. Luckily, he didn't. He just said, "If you're not going to buy anything, you can leave." Something like that. And so, we left uncomfortably and I bet that guy swore to us in Thai. That scenario happened twice because Ping Pong took us to another jewelry shop for his coupons and the same exact thing happened. So, we kinda got "gem scammed" BUT! we didn't lose anything but time.

After that wonderful experience, we went all-out shopping!!! My favorite part. What I loved most was the stuff they sell in the streets, those were the authentic ones. 

We went to Platinum Mall which had five floors and each floor was sorted into shoes, bags, jewelry, etcetera. Crazy!

This leather store was my favorite! They had bags of real leather and suede which I couldn't buy because  this was my last store stop and I had a few money left. I swear, this store was heaven. Leather, crochet, knit and I think they were selling antlers for decoration too. Love. I would buy that if only I wasn't traveling.

After shopping, we met up with our Indonesian friend, Chydie!
We talked about our plans for tomorrow's trip to mountain land, Pattaya! 

(Vintage blue polo shirt | Sheepskin suede bag from Hong Kong | Sandals from 168)

On day 2, Me, Lei and Ammi decided to wake up early for shopping! We heard that the street markets where all the cheap goodies were is open from 6am-8am. So we did! One thing that amazed me was seeing a monk roam around the stalls who was carrying a drum, I don't know what you call it, and he would preach to people and they would bow to him like it was a prayer ritual. I need to research on that. Seeing that was really endearing...
On our way back to our hotel, it rained so hard and we had no umbrellas with us. We had to run. Yes, we ran the streets of Bangkok at 8 in the morning. Adventure began from there...(hah)

We had our beauty sleep and woke up just in time for checkout. Chydie met us up at our grungy hotel and we drove three-four hours from Bangkok to Pattaya.

(Baleno plain black shirt | Gladiator wedges from Landmark | Bowler hat from Platinum Mall, Bangkok)

Finally, we arrived at Dusit Thani hotel! It was beautiful! They had a rainforest INSIDE the hotel! It gave justice to our hotel in Bangkok. Hah
We grabbed a quick lunch outside and I had to order their famous Tom Yam soup which was delish!

That night was Chydie's birthday so we celebrated it at the hotel bar together with her friends Sara + her boyfriend.
And look who was there as well! DJ Chris Kilmore! So seeing Chris gave us an obvious hint that we were at the same hotel with Incubus! Chris is a really nice and accommodating guy. We chatted with him a bit and he told us to have fun but not too much fun!

Day 3, I woke up and Anne was there! Our friend Anne rebooked her flight due to work issues so she was two days late. We pretty much roamed around the hotel and explored it's beauty. Hah. We didn't want to waste energy too since the festival is happening that night. 

(Nude inner tank top from InNOut, Hong Kong | Acid wash shorts from Hong Kong | Sheepskin suede bag from Hong Kong | Sandals from 168 | Round Lennon shades from H&M)

Me and Lei saw Brandon at the gym and got a hold of him right after his workout!
He was so nice and he even asked for our names. We introduced ourselves (again) and had a little chit-chat. Not that I'm assuming, but when I said my name "Bev", I saw a reaction from him...kinda like an "Aah, you." face. I hope he did remember me...despite meeting a whole lot of people.

Our friends Anne and Ammi told us they just met Brandon after we did and he is alone at the lounge. I just thought, wow that could be the "sit-down" moment I've been waiting for all my life! I really wanted to just go up there but I couldn't...I met him earlier and I wouldn't wanna be that creepy fangirl always in his face. But I continue to wonder how that would've been...probably surreal. But oh well, it wasn't the right time. Someday!

It's funny how this is all just a casual thing now. If I was my 14-year old self, this trip would probably end short with me hyperventilating. I guess people grow...but don't get me wrong, I'm still in awe whenever I see them. And forever will be...

We also met Simon of Young Guns when we were at the lobby waiting for the other girls! Anne told Simon we went to Thailand to see them! And he was buying it! It was so funny because we don't even know them! But he was nice...he actually kinda invited us to go out with them after the festival.
We went out and grabbed a quick lunch to make sure we had enough energy for the festival...

We decided to leave the hotel around 7-ish since we were only up for Incubus' performance and they said they were last. While waiting for our taxi at the lobby, we saw the guys come down one by one. We were hesitating if we should come up to them since we're seeing them at the Meet and Greet but Anne, being the biggest Jose Pasillas fan couldn't help but talk to Jose and she had her little fangirl moment right there. It was cute...
We just talked to them anyways since they're just there standing and waiting in silence.

I got a bit shy to talk to Brandon again since we just saw him a few hours ago. But I couldn't help it, he was wearing this really cute backpack and I just had to compliment it. "Brandon, I like your bag." he replied with, "Yeah, works well too!"

(Click HERE for my Silverlake Music Festival blog post!)

After the festival, we were having troubles communicating with our taxi driver. He couldn't understand where he would meet us. Chydie went up to this guy and asked if he could help us. So he did! He talked to our driver in Thai and everything was fixed. We went at the back of his car and started murmuring like little high school girls. The dude was gorgeous I must admit. He went out (upon hearing us talking about how cute he was.) and asked for a cigarette. We chatted a bit and he told us he's a drum teacher and his name is Yot but we can call him Yosi. Our driver finally arrived and we had to bid Yot goodbye! We forgot to get his number or have a picture with him! Now, he will only remain a memory in our heads.
We went back to our hotel with shoes covered with mud!  I'm so happy I finally got my iPod signed! I've been wishing for it ever since I bought it 5 years ago! What an accomplishment!

On our last day, we had an early check-out so we just waited for our taxi at the lobby after having breakfast. It was finally sinking in that this trip is almost over and guess what, we all got emotional! Hah
While waiting at the lobby, some of the other bands from the festival were there as well. We met this band from Pennsylvania called Anti-Flag

Justin, the official photographer and crew member of Incubus became a good friend of ours. He was really nice and accommodating. When we bid goodbye, we all had a group hug with him. So Justin if you're reading this, we miss you!

We saw the guys come down and I had one last photo before we bid them goodbye...

It was a bit emotional at the airport too since we had to say goodbye to Chydie as well. She was heading for another trip in  Cambodia and it was back to reality for us...
But we did had a few funny moments at the airport which I am just going to leave it at that. Haha

 (Vintage hand-me-down blazer from Mom | Brown skinny jeans from Hong Kong |
Bowler hat from Platinum Mall, Bangkok | Sandals from 168)

Even though things didn't go as planned, I don't have any reason to regret or be lonely. I consider myself blessed enough for having another chance. Things doesn't always go your way and whatever happens happens. I'm still smiling :)

Here's a little video I made that gives you a little peak of our whole adventure in Thailand! Enjoy!

Photos by
Bev Kho
Ammi Postrero
Anne Mortega
Lei Europa
Chydie Darmodihardjo

Oh, and today is Brandon Boyd's birthday! Happy Birthday Brandon!