Sunday, September 11, 2011

City Blur

Roamed around Fort with my friends Bea and Patrick...

After, me and Pat went food splurging at Mercato! It was packed as usual (we couldn't manage to even take a single picture inside)! We got our favorite Taclings! Which are bite-sized tacos. I swear, there were so much food I didn't know where to start...that has aways been my problem every time I visit this place. 

There was this stall which sold organic goods and it was arranged in potato sacks! They sold nuts, rice, herbs, wine, cheese, etc! I loved it. I would've bought but I didn't want to spend for just the sole reason of midnight food pleasuring. Hah

Vintage polka dotted dress, knit cardigan, and bag
Boots and frames from Hong Kong
DIY golden triangle necklace

Photos by Patrick Segovia


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