Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ghost Dream

{A 5-piece collection by Beverly Moon}

Inspired from my fascination of lost souls and the hypnotic river of sound, my 5-piece collection entitled "Ghost Dream" is a mixture of light and dark, half euphonic half eery, sugar high and love-stoned. The Ghost Dream takes you to a Valhalla floating through the ethers of the Earth, where religious moon bath rituals are practiced. The home of the wandering spirit dancers. This is where it all began.

Photography & Lighting
Patrick Segovia

Wijo Fernandez

Beverly Kho

Hair & Make-Up
Nadine Cabe and Ishii Villaseca

Beverly Kho and Ishii Villaseca

Mafia Escasinas, Hannah Fortich, and Angelique Sy


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