Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tales from an amateur video director

I've always wanted to direct a music video. Especially if I'm into the artist and their music. It's just inevitable for me to come up with a storyline in my head when I listen to a song and its lyrics. Sometimes, if the idea is too good to forget, I put on my little iPhone thing for future reference. When our professor for Basic Video Production class told us that we were going to direct and shoot a music video, all I could think was "YES!". I came up with five pegs for our professor to choose from. If only I had the luxury of time, I would've looked for local bands for this project. It will be a win-win situation. But since we lacked time, I just chose one of my favorite songs from M83, "We Own The Sky". The song is basically about finding life, living it and enjoying it. It's pretty much a celebratory song (at least that's how I interpret it). So I decided to come up with a concept that focused on finding the after life, souls stuck in the "in-between", wandering and following the "light". It's a simple concept for a simple song. Luckily, our team approved my concept and we all worked well.

I got all excited with the props, costume, and location that I think I overdid it... I found the perfect location hidden far far away...(maybe not)

 Thanks to my team: Joann Neri, Alyanna Te, Anney Yang & brothers, Stephanie Wu, Wijo Fernandez, and Les Ng. Oh! And to my good friends Mike and Rei for doing my favorite spirit dance scene.


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