Friday, March 15, 2013

G R I M E S in Manila

Last night me and my friend experienced the incredible Claire Boucher aka "Grimes" at the Hard Rock Cafe. She was amazing live as expected! Kind of surreal actually. Grimes is an epitome of real talent. I think artists like her deserve a big extravagant show with fire dancers, circus animals and flying unicorns. You know, normal stuff.

Eyedress opening for Grimes (I need to know that song that sounded like 'Midnight City')

She played a quick set of 8 songs which I'm glad I knew 7/8. She opened the show with "Symphonia IX"

Awesome crowd, elf music, trippy lights, some go-go dancers (maybe not), and a great view of Claire Boucher. That's all you need on a well-spent Thursday night.

Symphonia IX
Circumambient (Dancers appeared out of nowhere. I kinda wish that didn't happen..)
Nightmusic (Favorite from the 'Visions' album! So good live!)
Be A Body
Genesis (Didn't really appreciate this song on its first release but views changed after hearing it live!)
Phone Sex (Most anticipated track! I was surprised I was the only one singing along in my area.)

I was hoping she would play "Urban Twilight" though. That would be so amazing! But overall, the setlist was a good mix.
Don't miss out on this! If you get the chance to see her, go! You won't regret it.

Props to Kindassualt for making this happen!

(Photo by Stephen R. Lavoie)

Here's a little video I made to take you back to that night. Enjoy!


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