Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enjoy Incubus

I think it's about time I blog about the concert last July. It's nearly a month overdue but better late than never, yes? This would be my fourth Incubus related blog post in 2 months…hello, 15-year old psycho fangirl self, unleashed and missed. Haha

It's almost a month but all the memories are still fresh. I can still recall all the joys, tears, shaking, disbelief and all the parade of emotions I felt that day and I'm not really sure how I can translate all those into words but I'm gonna try...

July 28 is a date I would cherish in my mental treasure box. It was the day I met 5 people who (as silly and cliche as it sounds) somehow inspired me in is a story worth telling my grandchildren.

After our pre-concert mantasmagorical moment (click here), we went to our spots at the moshpit and we were so amazed (our faces looked like as if we saw God), some of us didn't really care about our concert spots.

I went with Ais, Kato, and Angelo. After a whole lot of reflecting, chit chatting, lights went off and "Tetrahydrochloridedub" by Franco played.

"How high can you go?....Embrace the natural."Description of image

I swear, it was the best intro. That song was one of my favorites off their album. It had minimal lyrics, more of spoken words but it was beautiful. They sang a couple of famous singles and I sang along to every song. It was like a double whammy for me. Franco x Incubus? What more can you ask for...

They ended their set with "Castaway". Shortly after they left, one by one the boys came out...Brandon, Mike, Ben, Jose, and Kil.

It was nonstop screaming. I even remembered being deaf for a few minutes right there. They started off with "Megalomaniac" and the crowd went wild! Moshpit section (where I was) was even wilder. Mike had a little incident with his guitar that made him smash it and push the amps. Too bad I didn't see that rockstar moment. I was totally unaware until after the concert when all the videos surfaced.
I decided to minimize my documenting especially the songs they already sang in 2008 since I wanted to enjoy the concert and not watch through the lens. Although I know I will regret it for my personal viewing/reflecting sessions at home.

Next songs were "Wish You Were Here" and "Consequence". I was really giddy to hear "Idiot Box" or "Glass" since I saw those two songs in Jakarta/Malaysia's setlist and assumed they would play it here too. Sadly, they didn't play "Idiot Box" but they did play "Glass"!

4th song was "Pardon Me"....

Next up was "Anna Molly"...

I took just snippets of videos not like the last time in '08 where I would film every song in full without getting cramps. I guess we grew old...haha

"Love Hurts" came in next which I wish they cut off the set and replaced with something else. I wouldn't say I hate that song, it's probably just my least favorite.


I was really surprised and happy they played "Look Alive"! It was totally unexpected! I felt like me and Ais were the only ones singing along. Dead silence surrounded us...

I wanted to hear new songs for a "Switch Blade" or "The Original" but neither was played. But it's all good...they played "Promises, Promises".

To balance it out, they played good 'ol "The Warmth" for the Make Yourself junkies.

Of course, "Drive" was present as always. Everyone sang along to that infamous chorus "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there..."
"Sick, Sad, Little World" definitely took me back to the '08 concert as it was played exactly like the last time. Lovely as always. I remembered closing my eyes to Mike's tear jerking solo...

I didn't really feel the song "Isadore" until I heard it live! It has been on loop ever since...
I never would've realized how beautiful it was.

"There's just one parachute..."

Finally, one of the songs I've been waiting to hear..."Glass"! I remember going wild and singing my lungs out! Hence this shaky video...
It's crazy how they can sound the same from about 13 years ago.

"Talk Shows On Mute" was also a concert default. It's not a complete set without this song...

Last two songs were "Adolescents" and "A Crow Left Of The Murder".

(skip to 0:48 for better audio quality)

17 songs? That's it? Of course not, there was an encore!
They went back with a very sensual "I Miss You", another crowd favorite.

When one of my favorite songs off the new album "In The Company Of Wolves" was played, I seriously felt like I was hearing the hallelujah chorus. It was pure magic, I just had to take it all on video...and a pretty decent one. Check it out.

(Can you hear my friend, Ais sing during the whole song? Haha!)

I felt like I was taken to another dimension with that sick bridge! It really was "The longest night of my life".

They ended the set with "Nice To Know You" and a surprise shoutout by Brandon to the Street Team in the midst of the song's intro.

(video from 1welcome)
Brandon: "We had so much fun, Manila."
"Thank you so much once again."
"Thank you to the Incubus Street Team too. We love you guys."

In that moment, I said to myself, "Okay it's official, we are LEGIT."

Also, in the midst of "Nice To Know You", all the women swoon when THIS happened…

...but for me, that smile was what made my heart melt.

They bid us goodbye...but for some of us, it did not end there. (wink)

Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Anna Molly
Love Hurts
Look Alive
Promises, Promises
The Warmth
Sick Sad Little World
Talk Shows on Mute
A Crow Left of the Murder

I Miss You
In the Company of Wolves
Nice To Know You

(Click the photo for my Incubus live in Manila photo set!)

Share your Incubus experience, yes? Comments and feedback are highly appreciated. Cheers!



  1. Mantasmagorical!! I can clearly remember the smile on Brandon's face when he said that at some random footage I watched before :> Im just wondering, how did it feel hugging him? He is 6'2 right?? Did he smell goood? :> HAHA sorry.

  2. You mean this footage? -->

    Hahaha good times...

    I actually couldn't remember the feeling due to disbelief but I do remember him smelling blah. As in nothing. No smell. Haha even Mike had no smell but he was extremely soft. Brandon was hard. Hahaha

  3. OMG! You captured THAT almost-shirtless moment! Ahihihi! Ang lapit-lapit mo, grabe! I'm envious all over again. It's almost a month now since the concert but I can't move on. I'm still listening to their tracks! :)

  4. A month is not enough for us to get over this.
    Same here, love. Same here...