Thursday, August 4, 2011

If Not Now, When?

Last week was a crazy week. I still can't believe my dream came true. My dream of meeting my music heroes that has inspired me in life especially the man behind those words...
It's crazy how I was just blogging about this 3 months ago (click here) how last time was an utter fail and I need to meet them this time.

If we're friends you'd probably know that I'm a huge Incubus fan/groupie whatever you wanna call it. To give you a brief history, I first heard about Incubus during grade five (2003), I was 11, but "Are You In?" was the only song I knew then and I didn't even know who sang it, I just liked the song. Is that considered? Haha. It was only mid 2006 that I got really into them, dissecting every old album, songs, etc. I've been a follower ever since....

I'm so glad I found fellow friends who share the same passion as me. Just recently, I've become an active Street Team member. Well actually I was a member back in 2008 but was never really active.
These people are really dedicated. I'm probably the least productive person in the team. Hah. And they are hardcore fans. Some of them are even Incubus fans since Fungus days. Wish I was but only problem is, I was 4 years old back in '96. Do the math.

Now for the good part...
we were given a token of appreciation as I may call it for all the hard work we've been doing for this little band.

What is it?

Just an intimate meet and greet with Incubus. No biggie.

 We were escorted to the backstage holding area to prepare...and keep our composure maybe. Haha

When we got there, I could here Franco's soundcheck and all the shaningans with the crew. I also saw some Incubus staff, roadies, and familiar faces I've seen in Incubus videos. Somehow, I felt like an important person upon seeing all that, I'm not really sure why. Haha

The Ovation people came in and gave us a little thing I know I felt like it was one of the scenes in my many dreams. I didn't know what was gonna happen actually. Until I saw them in the flesh...

We went in by groups...I felt like it was a big party and Mike Einziger was the host. He was so accommodating! I swear.

I couldn't keep myself together because this was the first time I'm meeting them. Everything was prepared except for the things I have to say...yey. I handed them the gifts I bought. Jose was the first one and I felt a bit awkward. Seems like he wants to get it over with. But no worries, maybe he was just tired. I forgive you, Jose. Ben came in before Brandon so I was rushing him a bit. I know, I'm such a dumbass.

When I got to Brandon, I seriously did not know what to do with myself.

(There's Brandon talking to me...)
Next thing I know, I was getting teary eyed. (sucks)

Tears fell and everyone went "awww...". Brandon called it "happy tears".
I couldn't say anything but my name and "yeah". I tried so hard to keep my face decent while crying. It was a struggle, I must say.
I handed him my gift and I'm pretty sure our conversation went like this...
(I have a video to prove it as well. Ha!)

Brandon: "Oh, what's this?"
Me: "It's my gift for you."
Brandon: "I love you."

He initiated the hug and I couldn't distinguish reality from fantasy in that moment.

I kept analyzing the video, playing it over and over again just to get it right. Yes, Brandon Boyd just told me he loves me.

I should've asked him to wear it on stage - the necklace/bracelet I gave that was inside the pouch...but no.
Aaah...would've, could've, should've.

When I got to Mike I was still crying and apologizing he said no problem and I told him he's so cute he replied with a
"You're so cute as well. I like your Guns 'N Roses shirt".
See how nonsense I can get when I am in shock?

Finally, last one was Kil. I am still in awe about the Brandon thing I couldn't hear what Kilmore was saying.

We had a quick photo op. Mike was calling my name "Bev!" 'coz I didn't know where I should position myself and I looked really confused as seen in the picture below. Haha...

After everyone was done, I looked for Brandon hoping I could speak to him not in the language of cry. Lei and Kat were already there talking to him so I waited but our time was up and the bouncers were already escorting the others outside. He gave free hugs to everyone!
He bid us goodbye "bye guys!" followed with a "bye Bev!"
I died.

I hugged Mikey goodbye but didn't say anything once again. Just hugged him...he was so soft.

Brandon and Mike playing with the gifts I gave them...
They opened it right after we left! Those are mini flutes Brandon and Mike are blowing, that red thing is a surfboard keychain with 'Philippines' written on it, the other one is a wood pen with 'Philippines' written on it as well. And you see that native thing? That is where my long ass letter for Brandon is kept. It's crazy how I was just buying these stuff and now it's all in their hands (and mouths).

One of my regrets was not speaking to Ben how much I adore him and his solo work. "Beard of Bees" is my favorite. It has already been play raped by my iPod, Kilmore and how he inspired me to get dj lessons, Mike and his ridiculous intellect about music theory and science hence the successful End.>Vacuum. Oh, and him just being a 'Jewfro' is plain awesome.
You know, I love them all but Brandon has my heart. I know it's cliche, don't judge. I have my valid reasons.

I still couldn't get over what just happened...still teary-eyed. I don't even know why I was such a puss throughout the whole thing.

 Brandon and Kil holding my gift...
(Photo from Charm Gamboa)
(Photo from Sir Renen De Guia)

Backstage an hour before the concert with Sir Renen De Guia of Ovation Productions. The man we all owe our lives to. Well, at least I do.

Here's a video to put life to my horrible narration...
I'm glad some friends took it all on video (Thanks Ais and Lei!)…at least I have something to remind myself that IT IS real and it did happen.

Me: "Hi Brandon."
Brandon: "Hi Bev, how are you?"
Me: "Do you remember me?"
Brandon: "Yeah…"
(You know when rockstars forget the people they meet a DAY after? Not in this case…)

He just said my name before I could even introduce myself again then I ask him if he remembers me?! That's me when I'm nervous...I don't pay attention and say stupid things. He probably read my novel...I mean letter for him the night before since they opened the gifts already (as seen in picture above).
 I’m happy to say that now that I’ve met him, I look at him like a real normal person just like everyone else…no celebrity fame light shining around him. I even kinda forgot that he was an international rockstar. He just happened to touch a lot of hearts with his God given talents making him #1 on everyone’s list. The feeling was very...endearing.

One of my dreams was to meet him…but meeting him twice was so much better. I don't think any other man has ever intrigued me as Brandon Boyd has. 

To wrap it up, I can say that this was probably one of the best days of my life. I don't know how I will get over this...probably never.
I've never in a million years thought that I would actually meet Incubus face-to-face, human to human. I thought it only existed in my many dreams...
I want to thank a few people who made this happen. Ovation Productions, Katrina Sales, Steve Rennie, and of course Brandon, Mike, Ben, Jose, and Kilmore.

(Sorry if this turned out to be a Brandon appreciation post. I just...can't help it.)


"I've waited all my life...if not now, when will I...?

Meet and greet photos from Mong Pintolo and Magic Liwanag of Ovation Productions 



  1. OMG OMG Im crying of jealousy BUT IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Ive been in love with Brandon since I was 14 (Im 21 now haha)and I do hope I still get to meet him in person :> Im sure im gonna cry if that day comes. I do hope you can check out my insanely long Incubus concert blog entry :> LUCKY GIRL!!!!!

  2. Hey Ana Maria! I hope you do get to meet him was very endearing. Check out my latest blog post about the concert too, will check yours as well! Thanks, love.

  3. OMG! I'm so envious! *hugs self*

  4. Hahaha thanks for taking time to read, love.