Sunday, December 11, 2011

Half blonde

Two months ago, I FINALLY decided to go Rumi Neely and bleach my hair ombre! I've been wanting to do it since last year and Alexa Chung was my peg since I had shoulder-length hair like her (she's also the reason I drastically cut my hair short before). I contemplated whether I should do it at home or in a salon. Since I was too scared in ruining my hair, I decided to go with the salon. After my first trip to the salon, I wasn't quite satisfied with the result because it wasn't blonde enough plus they bleached my hair up to my scalp! Which defeats the whole purpose of the "bleached ends".
This was how it looked like...

I went back to the salon to get a retouch and to cover up the wrong bleached parts...and the result didn't really differ from the previous one. It still looked like a highlighted effect rather than a gradient effect. So I was like, "F**k it, I'll do it myself!"
I bought hair color similar to my dark shade to cover up the hideous blonde up in my scalp! And I got bleaching powder for a low price! And it works so well!! I used Bremod bleaching powder + 20% volume Bremod developer. Here's the final result...

Finally satisfied!
What a struggle! These things usually originate with me getting bored...hah


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