Saturday, December 31, 2011

Photo Diary: Discover Hong Kong

Every December, our family would visit Hong Kong for a Christmas vacation. I have been to Hong Kong countless times and I'm starting to feel less of an alien every time I visit. Sometimes, I pretend that I'm a local (just for fun). We stayed at our usual, Causeway Bay. But me and my sister had our little adventure and went all the way to Tin Hao? I'm not sure exactly where but it was pretty far! We checked out the biggest Tom Lee store. It was huge! I saw some pretty cool djembes that I wanted to buy! wasn't the right time. Someday, I'll lay my hands on those babies. Hong Kong is a great place to explore and unwind! I love how everything there is handled by obsessive compulsive people (exaggeration)--everything is organized! Just the way I like it. And my favorite part, shopping! My mom is my shopping buddy. We would close stores and shop 'till our feet bleed! It was worth it because I got a lot of unique finds for cheap prices!


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