Sunday, January 1, 2012

Highlights of 2011

2011 has been a magical year for me. This year, I met lovely people, one of my dreams came true, and enrolled in a new school to name a few.

JANUARY: I started my first trimester in a new school where I am finally enrolled in a course where I love what I'm doing which is Fashion Design and Merchandising. I believe that it is never too late to change paths especially if you feel you're heading the wrong direction.

FEBRUARY: Starting the year with a bang! A Deftones concert that is. I love Deftones and they have been part of my life soundtrack.

MARCH: I got closer with two people I hardly knew 2 months ago. I don't get to see them that much nowadays but I'm thankful for all the fun and laughter we shared. And I miss them to death!

APRIL: Packed with photoshoots in a month. I was helping my friend Patrick build his portfolio and styled a few of his shoots. Met new friends, learned a whole lot of things and of course, had fun on the way...

MAY: I had my first gig as a photographer at the Manila Beer Event. Thanks to my friend, Marita. I was a frustrated concert photographer, and still am.

JUNE: I went to Fete De La Musique for the first time! This was a night to remember. I met a bunch of lovely people, hung out with old friends and it was pure fun and music in one night! It was amazing and I can't wait for this year's!

JULY: Best month of the year. Why? After years and years, I finally met my music heroes, Incubus. Especially the man behind the words, Brandon Boyd. I will never forget the wonderful experience and it is a story worth telling my grandchildren. I am still in disbelief as of the moment and I probably will never get over the experience. Their music has touched my soul and seeing them in the flesh and speaking to them was very endearing and life-cherishing. Magical is one word I can describe it. Oh, and I got to meet new people I share the same passion with...

AUGUST: My first ever trip to Ilocos! It was for our History of Art and Design class. I can't believe I didn't pay enough attention to that city back then. I felt like it spoke to me, we connected. I also got to ultimate bond with my good friend, Brix! I love Ilocos and I can't wait to go back soon!

SEPTEMBER: I got into an internship with stylist Teej Nepomuceno. Although it didn't last that long, I'm glad I learned a lot from the short experience and it can definitely help me in my future endeavors in the fashion world.

OCTOBER: It has officially been one year since my 18th birthday!? Time is fast! I spent my 19th birthday with a few of my close friends in a small intimate gathering with great music and laughter. I wouldn't have it any other way...

NOVEMBER: I had my first ever trip to Quezon! The city was gorgeous! I love how raw their lifestyle is. There was inspiration everywhere! From the galleries, the pottery store where they taught us how the whole pottery process is done, and Carlito Ortega's live demonstration of his art where he showed us the simplicity and diversity of welded brass. His art spoke to me. He inspired me to explore the complexities of heating brass and playing with metal.

I got involved in one of my friend's short indie film. I'm glad I was part of the team together with a bunch  of talented people. The experience was very tiring with 16 hours of shooting! But nevertheless, I had fun and met new friends.

DECEMBER: We had our second Betches Christmas gathering which was a tradition we started just last year. Me together with six of my best friends all gather up in my place coming from different parts of the city. We would catch up and laugh just like the good old times...

Every December, our family flies to Hong Kong to unwind. I've been to Hong Kong countless times but it gets more special every year. It's the only time of the year where we really get to bond as a family and that's the most important thing about the to shopping. Hah

The gifts I've received this year have been surreal. Cheers to better years! Sending love & light to everyone! Happy New Year!


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