Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silverlake Music Festival

The Silverlake Music Festival in Pattaya, Thailand was a blast! It was my first ever festival outside Manila! I must say, props to the organizers of Silverlake. The festival was very well-organized! Manila should have something like this too!

Anyways, we didn't catch the "Coachella vibe" of the festival since we got there around 8:30 pm already because we were only up for Incubus and their set was scheduled at 11pm. But I'm kinda regretting that a bit...oh well!

 When we got there, we were running late because our driver got lost on the way! I got a call from Justin (Wysong) telling us to hurry 'coz the Meet and Greet was about to start. There was some kind of jeep that you need to ride from the parking lot to reach the festival itself...

We arrived at the holding area right on time for the Meet and Greet and we met Justin for the first time!

The Meet and Greet was in a more relaxed environment compared to Manila. No annoying security telling us to refrain taking videos and speed up...which is awesome!

I had my iPod signed and a poster memorabilia requested by a friend. Repeating circa 2011, still no decent conversation with Jose and Ben. But it's okay, maybe Meet and Greets aren't their thing. Ben was in a really bad mood. He wouldn't smile during the whole thing. I tried to prolong our conversation but all I got was one word answers. There was something bothering him obviously...
Kil was happy as usual, he always has a radiant smile on his face asking you how you are. We bumped into him a couple of times at our hotel.
I gave Brandon a mini djembe tribal necklace I got in Ilocos last year. He said it was cool and started tapping on it. I also asked where he got his "After Life" shirt.

More of that in this video...

Aaah takes me back to the day I first met them...which will always be the best one.
I didn't have much of a conversation with Mike but I did say "I love you" to him and squeezed him real tight when they were about to go and hit the stage. Hihi
Last time I said "I love you" to a guy was five years ago and I can't believe I said it again after a long Michael Einziger of Incubus. Hah I love him!

I actually kinda held Brandon's hand when he placed his arm around me (I just had to). It was soft...

Of course we have to get a picture with Justin and Matthew (Incubus road manager)! Two people who accommodated us and made this all happen. And Steve Rennie of course! We love you Steve!

(H&M striped shirt | Forever 21 leather shorts | Vintage booties | Bag from Bangkok)

We also met Poupee of MET107 FM. She had a really funny story about her radio interview with Ben Kenney! Haha

Seether already started playing when we got to the Earth stage. I must say, I don't know any of their songs but they sound really good! And their cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" was fantastic!

Finally, after a few minutes of waiting, Incubus entered the stage hitting opening song "Megalomaniac"! It was July 28, 2011 all over again! I can't believe I was at the same position just six months ago!

Their setlist was great! And I'm so happy I finally heard "Privilege" live! I went wild when I heard the first note on Mike's intro.

I decided to not focus on taking great pictures and videos. In result I got shaky videos and crappy photos but no regrets! Enjoying and feeling the whole experience was more important.

I remember crying to "Wish You Were Here" which is weird because I've heard it live twice without feeling emotional. But this time, I came to a realization while they were playing it, that THIS is one of the few reasons I'm happy (which is relevant to the song's message). And I didn't just tear up, I was kinda bawling my eyes off.

I'm really glad they played some rare tracks like "Have You Ever" and "Magic Medicine"! I swear, on some songs, it was dead silence! I felt like Me, Lei, Chydie, and this stoned Australian chick beside me were the only ones singing along...

I smelled something strange and realized there were people smoking pot beside us. So, it's not our fault we were high! Queue "Smoking The Herb Again"!

They ended their set with "A Certain Shade of Green" which they had a little difficulty during the intro and they had to repeat it again. It was funny...

During the presscon, Brandon said, when performing on stage, they take us to a journey of twenty years in a span of an hour which I couldn't agree more! The journey from S.C.I.E.N.C.E to If Not Now When was a wonderful journey and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I will never get tired of watching Incubus...I can actually see myself watching them at a "comeback tour" in the future and they'll all be rocking out in their 50's. Hah

Thank you Silverlake Music Festival for the great show! Leaving reality behind and flying all the way to Thailand was worth it!

Click HERE for my Incubus live at Silverlake Music Festival concert videos!

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  1. hello!

    i'm a fellow incubus fan from Malaysia!

    Great looking pictures you have here. and, lucky you got to meet the boys.

    have a nice day! :)

  2. @Dayana: Hi Dayana! Thanks for taking time to read! This is actually the second time I've met them and they were nice as always!