Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meiday! Meiday! The Third Party!

Meiday, as it is called by its regular partyphiles, is a sort of Woodstock Pinoy version, which features the local scene’s most in-demand bands, as well as upcoming bands that prove original Pinoy music’s demise is far from being witnessed by this generation. It’s the brainchild of Mei Bastes, who takes care of the nitty-gritty: from booking bands, to renting equipment, producing shirts, contacting sponsors and hosting the big night.
Friends help out, in ways they can: bands agree to play sans TF, graphic artists create posters, those who have ready equipment agree to lend and those with the gift of gab agree to co-host.

With the fifteen Meiday events in the past, an evident sense of camaraderie has already been established.

There is a sense of communal effort in every Meiday.

It unites different players from the various scenes of Manila youth –hipsters, skaters, artists, photographers, models, musicians, pop stars, cineastes, writers, and even your occasional corporate types taking a breather from their polo shirts and ties. A typical Meiday night offers an amalgam of sights and sounds—taste, too if you’re into that kind of thing. Curious high school kids on sembreak, shutterbugs on the prowl for their muses, fashionistas displaying their latest ensemble, graffiti artists beautifying a bare wall, audiophiles head-bobbing or dancing to their favourite band—every nook and cranny in a Meiday event presents a variety of reflections and expressions about today’s creative minds.

Best of all—it’s free. The underground community’s biggest party for the last two years doesn’t require its partygoers anything, but to have fun, in a non-havoc wreaking way. It’s giving the finger to pay-to-play prods; an up yours to those money-mooching events that require performers to shell out money for a few minutes’ worth of spotlight. Meiday is the new venue for that, and what a great alternative it is, given the broad reach this monthly production has acquired through word-of-mouth, blogs and Facebook posts. The moral of the story: if you can’t join ‘em, make ‘em join you.

Ultimately, Meiday is really just a great party for friends, by friends, and with friends. 

This was actually about 5 months ago...I couldn't blog about it since my memory card crashed and all the pictures/videos from that night disappeared. Now since I lost hope in retrieving the files...

I went with my friend Mafia since the vibe in CubaoX is our thing...and also we share a common crush with the local indie music. 

It was one of Sugarfree's last performances as a band before they part ways. I actually caught frontman Ebe Dancel tearing up backstage while people were chanting his name. Much respect for these guys.

 Just before Pedicab was about to play, someone sabotaged the electricity and lights turned off. It was dead for about 45 minutes-1 hour but the people weren't! The Pedicab guys were playing on stage and singing random songs in acapella with the people! They stood a bit too long on stage and imagine how hot it was there...they even had face masks. Guitarist Jason Caballa even shouted "ang init!" while adjusting his face mask prior to his breathing capacity. Hahaha!

Lights were back on and the party continued!

Spot me in auburn hair taking videos for a personal music video project which is now useless...haay

Misyonaryo playing! A band I would've known if it weren't for Meiday. Loving their music ever since. Puff puff pass!

 Last band to perform was Us-2 Evil-O minus Mich Dulce but x Ang Bandang Shirley x Halik ni Gringo! Haha.
Oh! I saw my crush again. Remembering back then in '05 when I first saw him at a Pupil gig...

(One and only file I retrieved. Hence the bad quality)

Arigato! Hato!
Us 2 Evil 0
Corporate Lo-fi
Taken By Cars
Halik ni Gringo
Ang Bandang Shirley
The Discoball
Twin Lobster
The Purplechickens
Ivan Theory
The Dorques
The Strangeness

 All photos by Adoborat


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