Friday, July 29, 2011

All for the love of Incubus: Incubus Tribute Night

Last July 14, the Street Team held an Incubus Tribute Night at B-Side to celebrate Incubus' new album "If Not Now, When?" and for their 3rd concert in Manila last July 28. It is also a fund-raising event where proceeds will be donated to Bantay Bata 163, RockEd, and of course to the Make Yourself Foundation.

I guess all our hard work paid off when we actually had the chance to tell Brandon, Mike, Jose, Ben, and Kil face to face (more of that magical momentum to be posted soon) about all we've been doing. Brandon thanked us and told us "Wow you guys! That's amazing!" and even gave a shoutout "Thank you to the Incubus Street Team. We love you guys!" on stage while they were about to play the last song "Nice To Know You". (Concert blog post soon!)

It was a success and it's nice to know that almost 500 people came and supported our little event that we worked every blood and sweat for. It is crazy how we managed to pull off something like this. Props to Kat Sales and Lei Europa!

We all had different tasks assigned. I was one of the photographers that night and helped bit with the t-shirt/ticket selling. (Pardon me, this is going to be a photo heavy post...)

I saw a lot of famous familiar faces that night. Like this guy right here wearing the multi-colored cap...remember that dude from Urbandub's "First of Summer" music video and Bamboo's "Muli" music video? Mhmm.

Speaking of Bamboo, Nathan Azarcon was also present...

I was roaming around taking pictures of people while killing time and waiting for Kjwan to play. I haven't seen them play live, I was interested how they sounded.

The bands were really good and did splendid covers of Incubus songs!
Soil and Green was the first band to play. Of course a little Boyd imitation was expected from the frontman. Teehee

Letter Day Story which was really good much to my surprise. I just hope they ditched the whole "rock" act with "all band members freeze!" part during the middle of the song. That was...interesting.

I was outside while Dash Between Dates was playing so I didn't get to watch them but could hear them from where I was. They were really good as well...I remembered they played hit singles like "Stellar" and "Circles"

 (Grabbed from Benjie Dela Pena and Daniel Richard)

 Kjwan up next and the room suddenly felt like a giant moshpit. They covered "Mexico" and everyone sang along. It was lovely...

They played some original songs as well.

One of my favorite pictures I took of the boys, Marc and Boogie playing on set while Boogie works on a solo during "Pintura".

Lime was up next who decided to go old school by covering "Deep Inside" and "Glass" off the S.C.I.E.N.C.E album. Everyone jumped and sang along...including me.

I loved that their drummer was a girl, banging on Pasillas beats so perfectly. Woman empowerment! Haha

Malay balanced the vibe by going ballad covering "Here In My Room" and new single, "Promises, Promises".

Thanks to a few friends who came despite my non-stop shameless plugging on the interweb!

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All photos by Beverly Kho
Click HERE for my Incubus Tribute Night bands photo set!


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