Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Twister

After the Film Noir shoot, we accompanied our friend Teena for her guesting at Mo Twister's GTWM: The Podcast! I used to listen to it every night. I love how I learn so much things from it and how they're conversing so openly about intimate topics such as sex. It is quite obscene but interesting and really funny!

(Me, Mo Twister, and Teena)

I was amazed how the whole podcast thing works. It was a like a call center in there! Haha. And the studio was inside Mo's condo which is sick by the way!
Teena was so cute. She was unaware of the terms that Mo and Dr. Gan were using...and her face when she heard some of the callers' sex problems...priceless.

We chatted with Mo a bit after the show...and surprisingly, he's not that hyper as he is on air. He's kinda quiet actually but still really friendly.

Watch Teena's episode HERE.


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