Friday, July 22, 2011

Walk This Way

Me and my friend Anica went to Carlos Celdran's Intramuros tour. I know we're not tourists and we probably been there during childhood field trips but I felt the need to attend. I'm in love with Old Manila plus the fact that Carlos Celdran as the tour guide? Interesting...

He is one of the few people that fights for correct statements regarding hot issues such as religion. I am amazed how he can speak his mind. He is now a new addition to my inspirational people list. Oh, and he's really funny too! You're not only learning about the Philippines but cracking a laugh on the way too.

My favorite part was the kalesa ride although I got a few awkward stares, I just pretended I'm foreign and did not know what the stares meant. Haha

At every stop, Carlos would give us a brief overview of that spot together with whimsical role playing. Me and Anica actually felt that we were watching him in a play.

Don't miss this! It's worth every penny.


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