Thursday, July 14, 2011

Film Noir

We did a shoot for my friend Patrick's final portfolio. I wasn't the stylist but I assisted anyways...
We shot in our school which is a good backdrop for fashion spreads I must say. The model was Katarina Nemcova. I love saying her name...Katarina Nemcova! (in Italian accent with hand gestures) Oh wait, she's Slovenian.

The concept was Film Noir...but fashion.

Kat was really good! And she defeated the European model stereotype too. I love her!

This was a shot using just my hybrid cam. I experimented with the lights inside the studio...turned out lovely.

Final shots were breath taking. Patrick is a really good photographer plus the style team was great too!
Not surprised how beautiful the shots turned out...

Photographer: Patrick Segovia
Model: Katarina Nemcova
Stylist: Roc Rafon
Hair/Make-up: Teena Arches
Crew: Justin Lim, Trixie Beredo

Clothes by Graxie, Cole Vintage, and Jerry Evangelio
Accessories from Gold Dot


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