Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flashback Project #8: My boys are back!


March 8, 2008
(Photo by Mara Yokohama)

This was the day that gave purpose to my existence in this world.
I asked my friend Mara to come with me at Crowne Plaza hotel as I follow Incubus a day before their concert. Up until this day, I still remember every feeling, sweat, shaking, and tingling I felt. This was one of the best days of my life. But 15 years old, I did not had much knowledge about tactics and strategies you can do to actually meet a band. But now, 3 years older and wiser, I WILL MEET THEM THIS TIME.

If you are not aware, Incubus is coming around again for the 3rd time! There are no public announcements yet though but we hardcore fans have our own reliable sources! Just wait and see, it'll probably be announced maybe a month or two from now. But I'm a bit bittersweet though, it's like giving beer to a recovering alcoholic. You get? Oh well, still planning my meeting plans as early as now!

Wow, first Incubus-related blog post in a year!

More pictures from this crazy stalking day HERE!


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