Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love for your Leg

After school, I headed straight to the Leg Love event at the Rockwell tent. (Hence my dressed down outfit)
We basically went to the event to cover for our work. Me and Tin looked like lost hipsters. Everyone was in masquerade-ish semi-formal ensem with matching leggings from the Leg Love collection.

Hosiery brand Leg Love recently came out with two new collections for women out there who want to their legs in style.  The first line Couture by uber model Bianca Valerio is giving sexiness a fashion spin like no other.  Inspired by the iconic Dita Von Teese, the tastefully fetish inspired pieces are oozing with a flirty, quirky and theatrical appeal in all its seductive attractions. The TV Host, Make-Up Artist, Online Style Columnist, Blogger and Personality Development Speaker redefines the fusion of fashion and sexy in a retrospective feel of thematic looks through the decades.  Sexiness is in the detail as seen in the range of styles that seemingly tickle the imagination with subliminal intention. Sexy is high on style with these must-buy pieces that will compliment your holiday look with a lot of play and definitely won't cost you an arm and a leg. (Source: Style Narratives)

Socks line for men called "Elements" by Gold Toe also participated in the show with segments by noteworthy fashion stylista and TV personalities' Ferdi Salvador and Ram de Veyra.

The second line introduces Leg Love's latest designer for their fashion forward hosiery--no less than Look magazine's  Look of Style 2010 winner Pablo Cabahug.  The former design assistant of Randy Ortiz has created an interesting collection of pattern play and patchwork pieces fitting for every woman of style.  Remarkable display of creativity in distinctive appeal reinvents the look of hosiery making it a must-have piece of the season.  Style icon of the now generation, Divine Lee is fittingly the muse of the current designer ad campaign. With the designer's fresh aesthetics and  Leg Love's bold approach to design brings the classic second skin piece into a whole new level of fashion. (Source: Style Narratives)

My favorite collection was the all black from Pablo Cabahug! I actually saw some dresses I would consider wearing. Hah
Congratulations to designers Pablo Cabahug, Ram De Veyra, Ferdi Salvador, guest designer Bianca Valerio, and muse Divine Lee!
And of course to Leg Love!

Loving Tin's pink fringe bag and burgundy shorts!

Ralph Lauren vintage cropped shirt
Status washed out vintage jeans
Boots and leather bag from Hong Kong
D.I.Y gold triangle necklace


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