Saturday, October 29, 2011

PFW SS2012: Neo-boho, Beauty & Brillance, Luxe Rock 'N Roll

We attended the Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua and Eric Delos Santos show at Philippine Fashion Week. We sat second row I'm glad we had pretty good seats and didn't have to wait outside. I went with my co-interns Tin and Nicole (who I just met that night).

First show was Chris Diaz, he opened his show with a beautifully shot video showcasing few pieces of his collection. The video was very creative and it got us all excited! I adored the flowy draped silhouettes and playful use of fringe. And impeccable styling too! I knew this was going to be my favorite collection out of the three...

Chris Diaz's SS2012 collection titled "Techihhila" is where the young, zesty, and sexy urbanite meets the scared and captivating Native American tribal Sundance. Chris Diaz shares an enchanting Native American inspired tales as a filtered through the lens of ethnologic photographer Ed Curtis who captures the play of the natural light on their gleaming skin.

This season, it's all about an upbeat, neo-boho, modern take on the mysterious and fascinating tribal culture as soft modern silhouettes are executed in denim, cottons, printed fabrics, lycra, pleated jersey, jersey fabrics, knits, faux suede, damask, twill, and tulle in a parade of daintily tailored mix-and-match pieces and dresses in a perky and graceful palette of indigo, blue, navy, turquoise, teal, terracotta, merthiolate, coral, burgundy, fawn, tan, and black.

More photos here.

Lizanne Cua's collection entitled "It Came to be Thirteen" was inspired by visions of the future and women of the Senate, Lizanne Cua's collection is all about elevating consciousness through the combination of Beauty & Brilliance.

More photos here.

Completely departing from Chris's earthy, American Western influences, party circuit favorite Eric delos Santos presented a lineup banking on luxe rock 'n roll that is more suited for the holidays than it is for summer, with the abundance of "fur" (which is actually fringe), faux leather, and general heaviness (in length, texture, and color) of most of the ensembles. But perhaps this was no accident on Eric's part, who knows his market, and only too well. Why dole out swimwear at this time of the year when nights out abound in the next few months, anyway? But thankfully, some breezy dresses came out in the last quarter of the show, giving us a proper taste and longing for the hotter season this PFW platform has in sight. (via Style Bible)

More photos here.

Did you spot Claire James from America's Next Top Model? Hah

All three designers presented a collection with breathtaking aesthetic in different ways. It was a great way to grab some inspiration for my future endeavors.

We bumped into our friend Roko!

...and Makki!

Of course me and Tin had to sneak in a few outfit shots!

Oversized black shirt from Hong Kong
Skirt from Forever 21
DIY feather earring
Shoes from Michael Antonio


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