Sunday, October 16, 2011

Young Talent

We came and supported our friend Portia for her graduation fashion show! I went with two of my former colleagues Mau and Fab.

Favorite pieces/collections from the show...

"Sheer Madness" by Cheska Rosario
"This collection is a play of contrast. The straight lines of pleats complements the curviness of cowls. Sheer fabrics in
peach and olive green soften the structured silhouettes."

"Organic Decadence" by Glorese Latosa
"This collection was inspired by the challenge of redefining the modest muslin into something elegant and stylish. The illusion of depth and texture is achieved through the layers and various weights of ruffles. Chic femininity is further highlighted by body-hugging silhouette prevalent throughout the collection."

During break, former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao did a small pep talk about World Visions.

"Tangled" by Jelome Cailao
"Tangled is a five-piece collection inspired by the softness and textures of smoke, jellyfish tentacles, and braided hair."

"Dear Prudence" by Kim Agnes
"Inspired by Art Nouveau elements, Dear Prudence is all about soft curves and flowing forms that evolve into elegant designs that exude a classy, chic vibe."

 "Retro Revival" by Olivia Maningat
"As a 70's revival stomps ahead in today's fashion, stifle through a collection that pays homage to the seventies and the icons - Anjelica Huston, Bianca Jagger, Ali McGraw - of the time."

"Opulent Hippie" by Portia Ladrido
"Woodstock festival's over and the hippies have nowhere to go, studio 54'S just around the corner and that long unkempt hair is just unacceptable, the collection is about cleaning up missis peace sign and bringing out the Bianca Jagger out of Jane Birkin. Think tie-dye colors and peacock feathers turned into solid bold pieces. Let the chill bill release the sophisticated catty without compromising the inner stoner. East meets West, New York Square meets California swag, pleated maxi skirts plus glittery jumpsuits - the Opulent Hippie straddles both worlds to a palpable effect."

Not to be biased, but Portia's collection topped my favorites.

Congratulations to our friend Portia and all the UP Clothing Technology graduates!


H&M black dress
Vintage denim jacket & leather bag
Michael Antonio wedges
Rings from Obsession Without Limits
Rosary necklace from Mode Et Al


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