Monday, April 4, 2011

Bowing down to disillusion

(Photo by Beverly Kho)
The setting was in this room in Cubao and I was with my best friends QH and MD (Modern day socialites. Go figure). We were pretty much wandering around like hipsters with nothing but polaroid cameras, some booze and cigarettes to keep us entertained. 
Next, I found myself in another room getting cozy with a guy...who happens to be Brandon Boyd. We were talking and flirting back and forth as he doodles random illustrations in my journal. 
I asked him...
 "There's this awesome place that I think you'll like, wanna grab some coffee and hangout?"
He paused and replied "I can't."
"Can't? Why not?" I asked him.
He said "I'm seeing this girl back home and I wouldn't wanna get things complicated."
I looked and spoke to him through a strong glare in the eye.

We continued flirting back and forth and who knew what happened next...

Obviously, as you've guessed it, this was nothing but a dream.


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