Friday, April 15, 2011

Comeback of Zee Deveel

Around late February, Incubus manager Steve Rennie announced that the band will be touring again this year! He kept giving hints about a possible show in the Pacific Rim. Also, on the band's latest record.
"I think if you live in the Pacific Rim area I think it’s reasonable to assume that Japan will not be the only show the band would play in the region. There will be others and we will announce those as they are confirmed." - Steve Rennie

I used to be really active in their sites like Enjoy Incubus and Incubus-Online View which helped me keep updated with every news, announcements, tour, and what the boys has been up to.

(Photo from Street Team Ph's Facebook page)
 "Had a chat today with our international agent. It looks like we will have 3 or 4 dates in the pacific Rim area on our way to Japan to announce in the not too distant future. Dates could include Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, and hopefully Korea. Stay tuned. Could be a date in Hawaii as well."
- Steve Rennie

Hints kept on coming and we already knew it has gonna happen! 

(Photo from Street Team Ph's Facebook page)
And finally, on April 1, Steve asked our Street Team friend Katrina to announce it online via Incubus HQ video chat!

"...tour dates are starting to be confirmed. Philippines group leader, Katrina announced live on HQTV the band's concert in Manila on July 28th at the Araneta Coliseum. More dates on the Pacific Rim to be annpunced this week."
-Steve Rennie

I was addicted to Incubus. My addiction took a hiatus and now it's all coming back.
And now, here it is! On April 12, a public announcement was released and a teaser poster!


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