Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer garage sale

 Since it's Summer, which means we're all broke, I decided to come up with a summer garage sale and tagged my friends along. (See April 5 post) We sold mostly old clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, scarves, etc. 

 I know it looks messy but that's the purpose of a garage sale knowing everyone's going to be digging things like crazy. To find a precious gem you need to dig hard and deep!
And besides, have you ever seen a garage sale so tidy? Yeah thought so too.
I think I proved my statement enough.


Thanks to my Betches Ana, Hen and Bea! And to my two college loves Brix and Guia!
These were only pictures during the 1st day of the sale. My friends Luis and Lauren visited the 2nd day but I guess that info seems useless since I have no pictures.
This was a 5-day sale but I left the sale for my Mom's secretary to handle during the next 3 days. Ha!
Good thing the neighbor allowed us to use her yard.
'Till the next sale!


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