Thursday, April 28, 2011

A college affair

My life as a "born again" freshman just took its end recently. I say born again since I transferred school last year and started my first term in my new school January of this year. I must say, it's been fun so far and to make things more at ease, I've met these lovely people on the way...

Meet Brix and Guia. I met Brix during my first day at Literature class when she approached me regarding our class readings. At first I didn't really felt her vibe and I even thought she outspoke me with her perkiness but a minute later upon talking, I instantly felt comfortable.
Guia was Brix's friend in this other class we have together. She's the fabulous girl in her signature blazer, heels, red lipstick, and an all black ensemble. She introduced me to her and next thing we know we were unconsciously creating this trio.

How attractive is that third photo?

Meet Shin and Kat. I usually hang out with them during Mondays and Wednesdays after a class we share together. During our first few meetings, our professor asked us to group ourselves for a video project. I did not know anyone in that class and for some reason I felt contented being invisible and alone. It was an 8am class and you wouldn't wanna talk to me in the morning and vice versa. I am not a morning person. But fuck it, I need groupmates. So I went up to this girl and asked her if I could join her group she said okay and left mysteriously. I was like, "Oh joy, a bitchy groupmate." But that statement gave me a slap in the face.

The three of us had lunch together to talk about our project. Funny how we just talked about ourselves rather than our project. We all share a common love which is food! Monday-Wednesday is food splurge day with these two. And on our last day, we even went out of our way just to eat at Yakimix which is an all-you-can-eat Japanese resto for a cheap price! We were sushi grabbing like a bunch of crazies.
And today,  me and Kat are looking forward to meet Shin's baby! Yes, she's entering motherhood soon.

Meet Kc and Jes. Kc was that girl I remember during our "freshman/transferee" orientation. All I remember was, she looked grumpy and I loved her outfit. Haha.
I went up to her during my first day. We talked and got to know each other. We were together until the term ended. She's a model but defeats the infamous "model stereotype". She's smart and really down to Earth and you'll be surprise how goofy she can be. Plus, we share a lot of things in common!
Jes is the sweetest. You know those kind of people where they're too kind it's scary? Haha. Jes is one of them but in a good way. I thought at first we wouldn't click since we lack common interests but I proved myself wrong. I instantly felt comfortable to her the second day I saw her.

...oh, and this is not a sorority and...I'm not lesbian.


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