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March 9, 2011

Last month, I got to see The Testosterone Show! I mean the Anberlin concert. They sounded good live! But is it just me or Stephen Christian's moves are way too queer? It ruins the whole rock concert vibe. Haha! 
But don't get me wrong, minus those little observations, they were good performers and I love a concert with audience interaction. Just wish they ditched the whole Click Five peg especially with the confetti during the last song. But other than that, the music was what I spent for.
I'm still waiting for my cameo on Joseph Miligan's flip cam to be uploaded. The band passed by us when we were waiting in line. And funny how no one screamed or went hysterical.

Stone Temple Pilots were also playing the same night in another venue which I'm not going to reiterate how I regret...okay, nevermind.

I went with my friend Rei and his cousin + fiance which was last minute since I just found out he was going hours before the show. Original plan of watching with my college bud Luis and another friend Nicole turned out to be an utter fail since they were both late and arrived during the middle of the show. Also, my spot pretty much sucked. My view was a peephole between two 7-ft men with giant heads. And to make things more perfect, they were secretly smoking which 90% I inhaled. Lovely.

Thus, topping number three for best concerts I've been to! I've only seen 3.

Front acts:

Anberlin live in Manila 2011: Impossible

Anberlin live in Manila 2011: Feel Good Drag

Anberlin live in Manila 2011: Dismantle. Repair

We Owe This To Ourselves
Paperthin Hymn
Never Take Friendship Personal
The Resistance
Dismantle. Repair
Art Of War
A Day Late (Acoustic)
The Unwinding Cable Car
Pray Tell
Ready Fuels
The Feel Good Drag

Take Me (As You Found Me)


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